Uninstall Replicated Installations


Support for new Replicated installations will be deprecated in the coming months. Feel free to contact Sysdig Support with questions.

To uninstall the Sysdig application and the Replicated infrastructure manger:

  1. Log in to the Replicated Management Console and Stop the Sysdig application.

  2. Perform the steps shown at the bottom of the Replicated Installation Guide. (https://help.replicated.com/docs/native/customer-installations/installing-via-script/)

Once all containers are stopped and removed, you should rename, archive, or remove any Sysdig Cassandra/Elasicsearch/MySQL databases (default location is /opt) before re-installing a completely new instance of Sysdig Monitor.

To remove all unused containers and images on your host, use docker system prune -a -f