Sysdig Documentation

Sysdig Platform

Sysdig Platform enables enterprises to operate reliable and secure cloud-native applications. It allows you to monitor, secure, and troubleshoot from a single platform.

Major Benefits

  • Unified platform for security, monitoring, and forensics

  • See all app, container, host, and network system calls.

  • Monitor, detect, enforce, audit, troubleshoot, and respond to incidents from a single instrumentation point

  • Deep metrics and events down to system calls

  • Powerful, tuned, and flexible alerts and policies

  • Service-oriented monitoring and security

  • Enterprise-level scaling and management

  • Supports major cloud providers: Amazon Web Services, Google CloudPlatform, and Microsoft Azure

  • Supports major cloud orchestrators: Kubernetes, Open Shift, Docker Swarm, Mesosphere DC/OS

Key Components


If your enterprise will install and manage the Sysdig backend components, this section describes back-end installation procedures, how to integrate single-sign-on options (SSO), and other content specific to on-premises deployments.

Sysdig Agent

This section describes how to install the agent, how to edit the agent configuration files, and how to upgrade or uninstall an agent.

Administration Settings

Use the Settings panel to configure Sysdig users, teams, alert notification channels, subscription license (for SaaS), and more.

Authentication & Authorization

Integrate single-sign-on (SSO) using Google OAuth or a variety of third-party SAML or OpenID-based authenticators.