In July 2020, Sysdig introduced a new set of pricing tiers for the Sysdig SaaS product, including Sysdig Monitor, Sysdig Platform (Monitor + Secure), and Sysdig agents.

If your installation is older than July 2020, see the following sections:

Subscription: Change Number of Licensed Agents

How Does Licensing Work

AWS Services Licensing

For new installations (after July 2020), the tiers and licensing structures described below apply.

The Essentials Tier

There are two tiers in the new model: Enterprise and Essentials.

Essentials is a subset of Enterprise and offers a self-hosted way to get started, with an easy trial installation and subscription page, and a simplified interface with the most important features of Sysdig Monitor and/or Sysdig Secure.

At a high level, the tiers differ in their:

  • Available modules Essentials does not include Explore or Captures, and provides simplified Dashboards in Sysdig Monitor. It provides simplified incident response and forensics options in Sysdig Secure.

  • Available settings Essentials provides simplified Teams and Roles.

  • Differing limits The tiers offer varying limits for the number of available agents, data retention policies, and metrics limits.

The feature comparison table for each tier is provided at

Subscription Process

After launching a free trial, or at any time thereafter:

  1. Log in as Administrator to Sysdig Monitor or Sysdig Secure.

  2. From the Selector button in the left-hand navigation, select Settings > Subscription.


    Subscription selection Essentials or Enterprise

  3. Choose your purchase option: Sysdig Monitor, Sysdig Secure, or both (Sysdig Platform).

    For Enterprise tier, an email will be sent to

    For Essentials tier, any of the following are available from the Subscriptions self-service page:

    • Sysdig Monitor trial > Sysdig Monitor or Platform subscription

    • Sysdig Secure trial > Sysdig Secure or Platform subscription

    • Sysdig Platform trial > Sysdig Platform subscription

    • Purchase reserved agents (monthly or annual) and increase their number

    • Turn on on-demand agents and increase/decrease their number

    • Combine reserved and on-demand agents <= 100 agents

    • Upgrade from monthly > annual subscription

  4. (For Essentials): Finalize your choices and click Checkout.


    Page to finalize number of agents and other details of the subscription.

  5. Enter your credit card data when prompted and click Pay.

  6. A success message is displayed with links to get started in your chosen Sysdig product(s). See also: Getting Started with Sysdig Monitor and Getting Started with Sysdig Secure.