Software Sizing Tips

Sizing for the Sysdig platform depends on many factors, both within the existing infrastructure and regarding how an enterprise plans to use Sysdig products.Some things to take into consideration are:

  • Platform Usage - Monitor, Secure, Both

  • Number of Hosts - Important to know

  • Container Density - Important to know

  • Container Churn - Important to know

  • Metric Density - Important to know

  • Alert Load - Good to know

  • API Load - Good to know

  • (Number of concurrent users)

  • Event Load - Good to know

The Sysdig Professional Services team works with each enterprise to define platform sizing more accurately.

For a proof-of-concept environment, here are some initial guidelines: Details:

  • Host VM for single-node Sysdig platform deployment: 16 CPU, 32 G RAM with 500 GB HDD.

    The POC environment assumes:

  • Sysdig Monitor to be deployed

  • Number of hosts <= 40

  • Container Density <= 25 / host