Sharing New Dashboards

New dashboards can be shared internally among team members, with other teams, within the wider organization.

As an owner of a dashboard, you can share the dashboard with any team and provide viewer or collaborator access permission. The table below summaries the role-based permissions.

Table 1. Owner Permissions


Owner Permissions

User Roles

Admin User

A user owning a dashboard will now have three different team sharing options:

  • Not Shared

  • Share with all the teams that the owner is part of

  • Share with a selected list of teams

For the last two options, the owner can pick the type of access: Collaborator (with edit rights) or View only.

Non Admin User

Team Roles

Advanced User

Standard User

Team Manager

View-Only User

Not applicable.

When a user decides to share a dashboard with a set of teams, they'll only be able to pick teams that they are members of.

The table below summarizes what you can do with a shared dashboard.

Table 2. User Permissions

User Permissions

View Only


User Role



An admin can still edit a shared dashboard even if it's shared in view-only mode.


Non-Admin User

View Only

The dashboard owner can still edit the dashboard, regardless of current team

Team Role

Advanced User

Standard User

Team Manager

View-Only User

View Only

For more information on roles, see User and Team Administration.

Share a Dashboard with Teams

  1. Select the dashboard you want to share.

  2. Click the Dashboard Settings (three dots) icon and select Dashboard Settings.

  3. In the Dashboard Settings page, use the Shared With drop-down.

  4. Select one of the three options:

    • Not Shared: If selected, the specified Dashboard cannot be shared with a team or selected team the owner is a member of.

    • All Teams: If selected, the owners of the Dashboard can share with all the teams that they are part of.

    • Selected Teams: If selected, the owner of the Dashboard can share with a selected list of teams. You can select one of the available teams in the drop-down, and select member permission:

      • View Only: This permission allows members to view the Dashboard.

      • Collaborator: A collaborator can edit the Dashboard.