Scan Result Details

When you drill down into the Scan Results list, the details menu provides a variety of ways to view vulnerability and policy violation data at a glance.

  • Policy Summary views

  • Vulnerabilities summaries

  • Content summaries

These summaries provide:

  • An easy-to-parse view of why a specific image failed

  • Which rules generated the most Warn and Stop actions

  • Overview of how an image has performed against the various audit policies that have been put in place

  • Ability to filter for high-severity CVEs, and see which have an available fix

You can also download the Policy Summary to PDF and the Vulnerabilities Summary to a CSV file.

Policy Results Views


The landing page of a Scan Results detail is the Policy Summary view.

You can:

  • Get a birds-eye view of scanning status

  • Select a different scan date

  • Drill down to a detail page

  • Click Download as PDF to get a full report, including all underlying CVEs.


Select Dates for Past Scans

From the dropdown, select the date of the scan you'd like to analyze.

Review Scanning Policy Details

Select a listed Policy to see details about the STOP and WARN actions triggered in the Evaluation,

as well as the underlying Rules affected.


Review Vulnerability Summaries

Select either Operating System-related or Non-Operating System-related Vulnerability summaries to review.


You can:

  • Get a birds-eye-view of vulnerability status

  • Click a CVE number to get the full details

  • Search or filter by severity

  • Click Download CSV to get the vulnerabilities data as a CSV file

Review Content Details

Navigate through node, ruby, python, java, OS packages, and the files in a container to search for details about a particular package or file.