Scan Images

Once you have configured registry credentials where images are stored, you can trigger image scans manually or automatically.

Manually Scan an Image

When a new image is added to a running environment, it may need to be scanned manually. This can be done from either the Runtime tab, or the Repositories tab.

From the Runtime Tab

To manually scan an image from the Runtime tab:

  1. From the Image Scanning module, choose the Runtime tab.

  2. Select an image from the list of unscanned images.

  3. Click Scan Now.

From the Repositories Tab

  1. From the Image Scanning module, choose the Repositories tab.

  2. Click Scan Image

  3. Define the path to the image, and click Scan.

Automatically Scan Images

Configure a scanning alert to trigger image scanning automatically when an unscanned image is found, by setting the Unscanned Image trigger drop-down menu to Scan Image.


See also Manage Scanning Alerts.