Review Scan Results

When you have set up your build environment for scanning (if applicable), added the desired registries, and either triggered a scan manually or configured an alert to scan automatically, then an image scanning report is generated.

There are different ways to access scan results:

  • Externally (for developers): From an external Continuous Integration (CI) tool such as Jenkins.

  • Internally (for security personnel): From the Runtime tab or the Scan Results tab (formerly titled "Repositories") in the Image Scanning module of Sysdig Secure.


You can use Data Retention settings to help manage the scan results list. See Set Data Retention Limits for details.

(Available from Sysdig Platform version 3.2.0 for on-prem installations.)

NOTE: Images containing RPM packages with SHA512 hashes are not supported.

Runtime View

Runtime provides an always-updated report on images that have been running in your environment over the past 1 hour.


In the left column: view the Entire Infrastructure or drill down to a namespace.

In the Image Overview: See the percentage of Unscanned, Failed, and Passed images and click on each to get the relevant filtered list.

Use the Search bar: To find images based on Registry, Image Name, or Tag.

You can drill down to the Scan Result Details.

Unscanned Images

Select an unscanned image to manually trigger a scan.

Scanned Images

Select a scanned image to drill down into the details: a Summary page, Policy details, Vulnerability details, and Content violations (e.g., licenses).

Scan Results View

Use the Scan Results list to view a list of scan results and:

  • Search for a specific image, including those that are not running

  • Filter based on where the images are deployed

  • Easily browse/expand the different repositories to see the image:tags that were evaluated, and their results.


Once you drill down into scanned images on the list, the Scan Result Details views are the same as from the Runtime panel.