Quick Install Sysdig Agent on Kubernetes

Sysdig provides a single-line Sysdig Agent installer to help you get started quickly in Kubernetes environments. This section helps you familiarize yourself with the options to use the installer on Kubernetes.

You can also access the help by using the following command:

 $ ./install-agent-kubernetes --help


$ install-agent-kubernetes [-a | --access_key <value>] [-t | --tags <value>] [-c | --collector <value>] \[-cp | --collector_port <value>] [-s | --secure <value>] [-cc | --check_certificate <value>] \[-ns | --namespace | --project <value>] [-ac | --additional_conf <value>] \[-op | --openshift] [-as | --agent_slim] [-av | --agent_version <value>] \[-ia | --imageanalyzer ] [-am | --analysismanager <value>] [-ds | --dockersocket <value>] [-cs | --crisocket <value>] [-cv | --customvolume <value>] \[-cn | --cluster_name <value>] [-r | --remove ] [-h | --help]





The secret access key, as shown in Sysdig Monitor.


The list of tags for the host where the agent is installed. For example: "role:webserver, location:europe", "role:webserver" or "webserver".


The collector IP for Sysdig Monitor.


The collector port. The default is 6443.


Use a secure SSL/TLS connection to send metrics to the collector. This option is enabled by default.


Enable strong SSL certificate check. The default is true.


If a value is provided, the agent will be deployed to the specified namespace/project. The default is sysdig-agent.


If provided, perform the agent installation using the OpenShift command line.


If a value is provided, the additional configuration will be appended to the agent configuration file.


If a version is provided, use the specified agent version. The default is the latest version.


If a value is provided, the daemonset, configmap, cluster role binding, service acccount and secret associated with the Sysdig Agent will be removed from the specified namespace.


The Analysis Manager endpoint for Sysdig Secure.


The docker socket for Image Analyzer.


The CRI socket for Image Analyzer.


The custom volume for Image Analyzer.


If a value is not provided, installing Image Analyzer will be skipped.


Print this usage and exit.