On-Premises Upgrades

This section describes how to upgrade an on-premise installation, depending on whether it was installed using a Kubernetes or a Replicated orchestrator.

As needed, version-specific upgrade or migration instructions will be added to this section.


It is recommended to follow upgrade best practices:

  • Keep upgrades current.

  • Test upgrades in a non-mission-critical or staging environment before rolling into production.

Explore the Upgrade Topics

This section provides roadmaps for upgrading Sysdig Platform components. Review the topics appropriate to your environment.



Supported Upgrade Paths

Understand the upgrade and migration paths for on-prem installations.

Manual Upgrade (3.0.0+)

Upgrading Sysdig Platform v3.0.0 and above manually on Kubernetes.

Upgrading v2.5.0+ Using Installer

Upgrading Sysdig Platform v2.5.0 and above by using the Installer tool. As of version 2.5.0, the Sysdig platform on Kubernetes or OpenShift should be upgraded using the Installer tool.

Upgrading v2.4.1- v2.5.0 on Kubernetes

Upgrading the Sysdig Platform versions between 2.4.1and 2.5.0 manually on Kubernetes.

Upgrading v2.3.0 on Kubernetes

Upgrading Sysdig Platform v2.3.0 manually on Kubernetes.

Upgrading v2435 on Kubernetes

Upgrading Sysdig Platform v2435 manually on Kubernetes.

Upgrading v1765 Using Migration Tool

Upgrading Sysdig Platform v1765 on Kubernetes using the Migration Tool.

Upgrading v1149 on Kubernetes

Upgrading Sysdig Platform v1149 using the migration tool.

Basic Upgrade on Kubernetes

Upgrading the mandatory components of the Sysdig Platform on a Kubernetes environment.

Basic Upgrade on Replicated

Upgrading the mandatory components of the Sysdig Platform on a Replicated environment.

Supported Migration Paths

In general, Sysdig tests and supports direct upgrade from five releases back to the current version. Release-specific requirements are listed in the table below.

For Kubernetes Environments

Install Version

Incl. Hotfixes

Supported Upgrade From


Baseline Documentation


2.5.0, 3.0.0

In Sysdig Secure: Data retention limits for scan results, vulnerabiity comparison in scan results, redesigned Captures page, RBAC capability, activity audit improvement. In Sysdig Monitor and Secure: S3-compatible storage for Capture files.

Installer Upgrade (2.5.0+)


2.4.1, 2.5.0

Beta Activity Audit feature, Beta Policy Advisor feature.

Installer Upgrade (2.5.0+)


2.3.0, 2.4.1

New Installer tool for upgrading; new documentation site; inline scanning for Secure, other enhancements

Installer Upgrade (2.5.0+)



Report service added; upgrade to Anchore license required

Upgrade v 2.4.1


1929, 2435

Ability to secure Elasticsearch and the Cassandra DB with password authentication or SSL/TLS protection.

Manual Upgrade (2.3.0)


(2304) (2266) (2172)

1929, 1765

Architecture changes to Dashboards

& API pods.

Manual Upgrade (v2435)

Note that this replaces 2172, 2266, and 2304.


Basic Upgrade Kubernetes Installations


Migration Tool (MySQL Connector)

Architecture & Port 443 change

v1765 Migration Tool for Upgrade (Kubernetes)

v1765 Upgrade (Kubernetes)



Basic Upgrade (Kubernetes)


(1472) (1402)

Basic Upgrade (Kubernetes)


Basic Upgrade (Kubernetes)


Migration Tool (Unified Events)

v1149+ Migration Tool for Unified Events + Basic Upgrade (Kubernetes)


Basic Upgrade (Kubernetes)

For Replicated Environments

Most Replicated environments can be upgraded directly to the current version. See also: Basic Upgrade (Replicated).