Sysdig Documentation

Manual Installation (OpenShift)

This section describes how to install the backend components of the Sysdig platform using an existing OpenShift cluster. It applies to backend versions 1929 and higher.

Install on OpenShift using the Installer

As of Sysdig Platform v 2.5.0, a semi-automated install option is available and is preferred.

The Sysdig Installer tool is a collection of scripts that help automate the on-premises deployment of the Sysdig platform (Sysdig Monitor and/or Sysdig Secure), for environments using Kubernetes or OpenShift. Use the Installer to install or upgrade your Sysdig platform. It is recommended as a replacement for the earlie manual install option.

See Install Sysdig Using the Installer.

(Legacy Option) Install Sysdig Platform Manually

To install Sysdig Platform manually, on OpenShift v1929 and above:

Understand the Infrastructure

The Sysdig platform includes both Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure, which are licensed separately. All installations include Sysdig Monitor, while some of the Secure components are installed and configured as additional steps within the overall installation process.

When installing the Sysdig platform on OpenShift manually, you will install each backend component with separate oc commands.