Sysdig Documentation

Manual Installation (Kubernetes)

Installation with the Installer tool is recommended from version 2.5.0 onwards.

The manual install is described in the following pages.

Key Features

As of version 1.9, the Sysdig platform supports:

  • Datastore Persistence: Persistent volumes can use block disks from the cloud provider(s) dynamically. The disks can be encrypted, adjusted for IOPS-specific performance, and can use snapshots for backups.

  • Datastore stateful sets.

Understand the Environment

The Sysdig platform includes both Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure, which are licensed separately. All installations include Sysdig Monitor, while some of the Secure components are installed and configured as additional steps within the overall installation process.

When installing the Sysdig platform with Kubernetes as the orchestrator, you install each backend component with separate kubectl commands.

(Legacy Option) Install Sysdig Platform Manually

To install Sysdig Platform manually, on Kuberntes v1.9 and above:


To perform a manual install on OpenShift, see Manual Installation (OpenShift).