Legacy Prometheus Application Check

Special care should be taken if you're already using the legacy Prometheus Application Check (explained below) to scrape any Prometheus metrics. You will be able to scrape for the same metrics using the new approach and they will appear in Sysdig Monitor under the same metric name. However, any historical data from when it was collected via the legacy Prometheus App Check will no longer be visible. As a result, the new approach is disabled by default, and you should carefully plan your transition to using the new approach for each set of metrics when you feel you can endure the break with historical data.

The legacy Prometheus application check is able to collect metrics from a static external HTTP endpoint exposing metrics in Prometheus format and import them as StatsD metrics in Sysdig.

To configure the legacy Prometheus application check, Add these lines to the agent's configuration file:

  - name: prometheus
      comm: python
      arg: /opt/draios/bin/sdchecks
      url: http://{YOUR_PROMETHEUS_ENDPOINT_IP}:8080/metrics