Investigate (On-Prem Only)


With Sysdig Secure On-Premises v4.0, an optional feature has been introduced called Rapid Response. It enables designated users to remote connect into a host from within the Sysdig Secure interface. For on-prem users who enable this functionality, their menu options will differ from earlier versions and from the SaaS version. This section describes those options and changes.


If Sysdig Secure On-Prem v.4.0.0 is installed and the Rapid Response feature flag has been enabled by Sysdig Support, the following differences will appear in the Sysdig Secure UI for designated users:

  • Left navigation: Captures is replaced by Investigate

    The Captures feature is now a subset of the Investigate module, along with the new Rapid Response feature.

  • Rapid Response pages: Accessed from the Investigate module, the Start Session and Session Log pages have been added. See Rapid Response for details.