Sysdig Documentation

Install on Kubernetes 1.9+

This section describes how to install the backend components of the Sysdig platform on an existing Kubernetes orchestrator.

Install Sysdig Platform with Installer

As of version 2.5.0, a semi-automated install option is available and is preferred, for both Kubernetes and OpenShift.

The Sysdig Installer tool is a collection of scripts that help automate the on-premises deployment of the Sysdig platform (Sysdig Monitor and/or Sysdig Secure), for environments using Kubernetes or OpenShift. Use the Installer to install or upgrade your Sysdig platform. It is recommended as a replacement for the earlier manual install and manual upgrade procedures.

See Install Sysdig Using the Installer.


For manual install option, see either Manual Installation (Kubernetes) or Manual Installation (OpenShift).