Sysdig Documentation

Host Requirements for Agent Installation

Sysdig agents can be installed on a wide array of Linux hosts. Check your environment to ensure it meets the minimum supported platform, operating system, runtime, and orchestration requirements and use the appropriate installation instructions.

Agent Installation Requirements

Cloud Platform or Private Data Center

Cloud Platforms Supported

  • AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) and AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)

  • Google Cloud Provider (GCP) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

  • Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Container Service (AKS)

  • IBM: Including IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS)

Private Data Center

See the Supported Linux Distributions table, below.

Container Runtimes

The agent supports detection of Docker, RKT, LXC, containerd, CRI-O, and Mesos containers.

Supported Linux Distributions

Private Data Center





Core set of distributions:

  • Debian 6.0+

  • Ubuntu 10.04+

  • CentOS 6+

  • RHEL 6+

  • Fedora 13+

  • Linux Mint 9+

  • CoreOS

  • Oracle 6.0+ (UEK kernels R3+, all RHCK kernels)

  • Amazon AMI

    (any version available from the AWS Marketplace) and

    Amazon Linux 2


  • Core set

Core set


Core set

Orchestrator: Yes/No

  • If NO orchestrator is used, follow the installation instructions for Agent Install: Non-Orchestrated .

  • If you ARE using an orchestrator what kind are you using?

Supported Open Source Orchestrators



Docker Swarm

Supported versions


Docker 1.12+

Use Orchestrator to install agents?

Agent Install: Kubernetes

Agent Install: Mesos/Marathon

Agent Install: Non-Orchestrated

Supported Container Platforms




Azure CS

Docker Datacenter


Special installation instructions?

Agent Install: Kubernetes

(with OpenShift options)

Agent Install: Kubernetes

(with GKE options)

Agent Install: Non-Orchestrated

(+ AWS Integration instructions)

Agent Install: Non-Orchestrated

No special instructions

Agent Install: Non-Orchestrated

No special instructions

Agent Install: Non-Orchestrated

No special instructions

Supported Java Versions and Vendors

The Sysdig agent supports only:

Java versions: 7 and above

Vendors: Oracle, OpenJDK

For Java-based applications (Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Tomcat, Zookeeper and etc.), the Sysdig agent requires the Java runtime environment (JRE) to be installed to poll for metrics (beans).

If the Docker-container-based Sysdig agent is installed, the JRE is installed alongside the agent binaries and no further dependencies exist. However, if you are installing the service-based agent (non-container) and you do not see the JVM/JMX metrics reporting, your host may not have the JRE installed or it may not be installed in the expected location: usr/bin/java

Resource Limits

The resource requirements of the agent are subjective to the size of and load on your host. At a minimum, the agent requires 2% of total CPU and 512 MiB of memory.

Supported Browsers

Sysdig supports, tests, and verifies the latest version of Chrome.

Other browsers may also work, but are not tested in the same way.

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