Sysdig Documentation

Getting Started with Sysdig Secure

Access the Sysdig Secure Interface

To access the Sysdig Secure interface, the Sysdig agent must be installed, and a core admin user must be created during the Welcome Wizard. For installation instructions, refer to the Agent Installation documentation.

Once the installation process is complete, the Sysdig Secure interface will be available:


Subsequent users must also have user credentials defined, either through Sysdig Secure, or through an integrated authentication tool. For more information on user creation, refer to the User and Team Administration documentation.

The Sysdig Secure Interface

The Sysdig Secure UI is comprised of five main modules:

Each module comprises a subset of the Sysdig Secure functionality and can be navigated between using the sidebar.


As of July, 2019, Sysdig Secure uses a drawer-style side menu that slides in and out, with the appropriate menu items for each page.


For more information on each of the modules, refer to the relevant module documentation.

Next Steps

There are a couple of potential starting points, depending on preferred workflow, and whether the Sysdig Secure implementation or the user, is new:

  • For new Sysdig Secure environments, navigate to the Policies module to start configuring the policies and rules required for the environment.

  • For new Sysdig Secure users, navigate to the Policy Events module to review the current state of the environment.