Explore Interface

The sections below outline the key areas of the interface and detail basic navigation steps.

The C-Frame Structure

The image below provides a complete view of the Sysdig Monitor c-frame style interface:


There are several key areas highlighted in the image above:



Product Selector

Allows users to switch between Sysdig products.


Quick links for each of the main Sysdig Monitor modules: Explore, Dashboards, Alerts, Events, and Captures.


Quick links for Sysdig Spotlight, help/additional material, and the user profile configuration settings.


The main section of the interface.

Time Navigation

Allows users to customize the time window used for displaying data.

Shared Content Settings

Sysdig Monitor provides a wide range of functionality to allow users to work on individual levels, or within larger teams, by sharing data, dashboards, and configuration settings. Each component of Sysdig Monitor is affected differently.

Explore Module

The Explore module displays content on a per-user, per-team basis. The set of data visible within the Explore module will be restricted to the scope permitted by the team settings, even if a user belongs to other teams with wider scope permissions. Changes to the Explore table settings, for example, the order of columns, will persist only for the current user, and will not change the settings for other team members.

Clicking individual rows in Explore takes you to the corresponding Dashboards view. The Dashboards view summarizes the health of the selected entity with respect to its resource consumption.

Dashboards Module

The Dashboards module displays content on a per-user, per-team basis. After switching to a new team for the first time, the initial settings will match those of existing team members. This means that, for example, the initial characteristics of each of the Dashboards Shared with Me will be the same as those of the owner of the dashboard.

Consider the following guidelines while using Dashboards:

  • Any dashboards created by a user while switched to a specific team will only be visible while the user is switched to that team. If the dashboard is shared, it will only be visible to members of that specific team.

  • The set of data visible within a dashboard is restricted to that permitted by the scope settings of the team, even if the user belongs to other teams with wider scope permissions.

  • Changes made to a shared dashboard will persist only for the current user, and not change the dashboard for other team members.

Events Module

Event data is specific to the active team. At a minimum, the custom events section will consist of events generated by an API token for a member of the active team. However, the team settings may also allow all custom events collected within the Sysdig Monitor environment to be visible to the team as well. Contact an admin user to review team settings.

Alerts Module

Alert settings are team-wide. Any team member can change the alert settings for a team, and those changes will be immediately visible to all other members of the team.

Captures Module

Captures can only be taken on hosts/containers that are visible within the scope settings of the active team. The list of existing captures visible on the Captures module will also be limited to those initiated by team members while switched to the active team.

API Token

The Sysdig Monitor API Token is unique per team, to enable custom events generated via the API to target a specific team.

Global Settings

Some configuration settings are global across all teams. Changes to these settings by any user will affect all users, regardless of team status. These include notification channels, agent installation defaults, and Sysdig storage settings.