Review Scan Results

This doc applies only to the Legacy Scanning engine. Make sure you are using the correct documentation: Which Scanning Engine to Use

When you have set up your build environment for scanning (if applicable), added the desired registries, and either triggered a scan manually or configured an alert to scan automatically, then an image scanning report is generated.

There are different ways to access scan results:

  • Externally (for developers): From an external Continuous Integration (CI) tool such as Jenkins.

  • Internally (for security personnel): From the Runtime tab or the Scan Results tab (formerly titled “Repositories”) in the Image Scanning module of Sysdig Secure.

NOTE: Images containing RPM packages with SHA512 hashes are not supported.

Scan Results Landing Page

Once a scan has been run, choose Image Scanning > Scan Results to see the landing page.

From here you can:

  • Check quick-view charts for at-a-glance summaries of:

    • Number of images scanned

    • Pass/fail status

    • Origins of image feeds

  • Search and filter results, by:

    • Keyword

    • Pass/fail status

    • Origin (drop-down menu)

    • Registry (drop-down menu)

    Save or Reset a search from the three-dots menu to the right of the nav bar.

  • Sort the results list by date.

  • Select an Image to see its Summary page.

Summary View

Select Image Scanning > Scan Results and select an Image to land on the results summary.

On the Summary page you can:

  • Review results of vulnerability matching and policy evaluations in two separate sections

  • Check the date and time of the vulnerability match and the most recent policy evaluation. These usually differ.

  • Expand/collapse the policy breakdown for ease of view and removal of visual clutter

  • Click Reevaluate Policies to trigger new policy results.

  • Download results as a PDF, including all the policy and vulnerability details.

Select detail pages from the left navigation to see detail views.

Runtime View

Runtime provides an always-updated report on images that have been running in your environment over the past 1 hour.

In the left column: view the Entire Infrastructure or drill down to a namespace.

In the Image Overview: See the percentage of Unscanned, Failed, and Passed images and click on each to get the relevant filtered list.

Use the Search bar: To find images based on Registry, Image Name, or Tag.

You can drill down to the Scan Result Details.

Unscanned Images

Select an unscanned image to manually trigger a scan.

Scanned Images

Select a scanned image to drill down into the details: a Summary page, Policy details, Vulnerability details, and Content violations (e.g., licenses).

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