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Integrate with Jenkins

    Sysdig has a plugin to integrate Sysdig image scanning into a Jenkins-based build process.

    Review the Types of Secure Integrations table for more context. The CI/CD Tools column lists the various options and their levels of support.

    Install and Configure the Jenkins Plugin

    The Sysdig Secure Jenkins Plugin documentation (at describes:

    • Prerequisites

    • Obtaining the plugin

    • Necessary system configuration steps in the Jenkins UI

    • Adding Sysdig Secure Image Scanning as build step (in the Jenkins UI)

    • Configuring the actions to take on scanned builds (e.g. when to fail a build or issue a warning).

    Obtain Scan Results in Jenkins

    The Sysdig plugin generates a scan report listed in the Jenkins build list:

    Click on the Sysdig Scanning Report to view the summary information and a list of policy checks and results.