Service Accounts

The Service Accounts page is used with GCP only, highlighting the risks associated with your GCP service accounts.

The GCP CIEM data is in Technical Preview status.

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Sortable Columns

Actionable Risk

Actionable Risk focuses on unused permissions, while Risk looks at all permissions. It is designed to help you achieve Least Permissive access.

Values: Critical, High, Medium, Low


This is a calculation of risk based on all permissions. See also: Understanding Risk Scoring.

Values: Critical, High, Medium, Low

% of Unused Permissions

This shows the number of unused permissions per total permissions for the group, shown as a percentage graph.

When remediating, immediately target the groups with the greatest exposure and refine them according to the suggestions.

Highest Access

See also: Understand Highest Access


  • Admin: Admin access granted
  • Write: Write access granted
  • Read: Read access granted
  • Empty Access: No permissions are granted at all


The findings for GCP accounts focus on highly permissive Google IAM roles, key management, and

  • Admin: Admin access granted
  • Multiple Access Keys Active: Rotating access keys is safer than maintaining multiple active keys.
  • Editor Role Applied: The GCP Editor role includes permissions to create and delete resources for most Google Cloud services.
  • User-Managed Key: User-managed keys are less secure than Google-managed keys.
  • Lateral Movement: Sysdig leverages findings from the GCP Recommender Insights API to detect when a Service Account can move laterally from one project to another due to the roles/permissions it is granted.
  • Owner Role Applied: The GCP project owner role includes all Editor permissions plus many others.

Available Filters

  • Search: Free text search on terms in the resource name
  • Actionable Risks: By severity
  • Cloud Accounts: GCP cloud account name/number
  • Access Categories: Admin, Write, Read, or Empty Access
  • Findings: Admin , Multiple Access Keys Active, Editor Role Applied, User Managed Key, Lateral Movement, Owner Role Applied