The Roles page provides numerous ways to quickly sort, filter, and rank the detected role information to remediate identity risks associated with roles and their permissions.

Filter and Sort Roles

Use the sortable columns to organize and filter roles for assessing identity risks. You can sort roles based on the following criteria:

Actionable Risk

Actionable Risk focuses on unused permissions, while Risk looks at all permissions. Actionable Risk is designed to help you achieve Least Permissive access.

Values: Critical, High, Medium, Low


This is a calculation of risk based on all permissions. See Understanding Risk Scoring for more information.

Values: Critical, High, Medium, Low

% of Unused Permissions

This shows the number of unused permissions used with the role, per total permissions assigned to the role, shown as a percentage graph.

When remediating, immediately target the roles with the greatest exposure and refine them according to the suggestions.


For AWS, this reflects the number of users who can use this role.

For GCP, the membership number reflects the number of users, groups, and/or service accounts who are bound to this role.

Highest Access


  • Admin: Admin access granted
  • Write: Write access granted
  • Read: Read access granted
  • Empty Access: No permissions are granted at all

For more information, see Understand Highest Access.


A finding in Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) indicates poor security hygiene, either due to misconfiguration or inadequate identity security practices. The findings on Roles pages include:

  • Admin
  • Inactive

Available Filters

  • Search: Free text search on terms in the resource name
  • Platform: by provider, e.g. AWS
  • Actionable Risks: By severity
  • Cloud Accounts: Account name/number by cloud provider (e.g. AWS)
  • Access Categories: Admin, Write, Read, or Empty Access
  • Findings: Admin , Inactive

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