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Review Benchmark Test Results (v1)

    When you have configured Benchmark tasks to run tests, each task run produces a listing connected to a report. This page describes the features associated with the Results list and associated Report pages, described below..

    Using the Results List

    The Benchmarks landing page is also the Results list, where each completed result report is linked.

    From this page you can:

    • Access Reports

    • Create/access Tasks from the Schedule icon

    • Search for **Report **listings by Task name from the search bar

    • Link to Dashboards and their associated metrics in Sysdig Monitor

    Note: If a test fails altogether, an error log is listed instead of a Report link.

    On Kubernetes tests, the results list will also display the Kubernetes master node, which can be helpful for identification:

    Using the Results Report

    Click an entry in the Results list to open the corresponding Results Report.

    You can:

    • Review the Pass/Fail/Warn results of each compliance control

    • Check remediation suggestions on Warn/Fail results

    • Download the report as a CSV file if needed

    Sample Kubernetes report. (See also: )

    Remember: You may have chosen to filter the Report view to highlight a subset of information.

    A filter will apply to ALL relevant listings in the Results page; remove the filter to view the entire test result. See Filter Report Results.

    Check Remediation Tips

    Remediation tips provide a general summary of what is usually required to resolve an issue. This information is not environment-specific and should be used as a guide, rather than specific configuration instructions.

    Access Remediation tips from the Wrench icon next to a Warn or Fail entry in a Report.

    Remediation information is included in downloaded CSV reports as well.

    Download Report as a CSV File

    From a Report page, click Download CSV.