Sysdig’s Posture module includes Compliance handling for both Kubernetes and Cloud accounts (KSPM/CSPM), as well as Identity and Access for cloud accounts.

Note that users may have a legacy version of Compliance installed.

  • If you are running Kubernetes and need to understand which version you have, you can review here.
  • On-Prem and IBM Cloud use (Legacy) Unified Compliance still.
Topics in This Section

The Compliance module in Sysdig Secure maintains a detailed inventory of resources, enhancing visibility into resources and enabling prioritization based on full context, facilitating the resolution of violations. The Compliance module supports Cloud and Kubernetes Security Posture Management (CSPM/KSPM).

Identity and Access (CIEM)

As cloud services proliferate, so do user access policies, and most enterprises use overly permissive policies that create large attack surfaces and significant security risks. With Sysdig’s Identity and Access module for cloud accounts (also known as CIEM), you can review and mitigate these risks in minutes.