Github Policy

Github policies evaluate Github logs in Sysdig Cloud. You can edit them, duplicate to create a custom version, or create a new list matching policy from scratch.

Event notifications are generally limited to a frequency of once every five minutes. For details, see Message Throttling in Sysdig Secure.

Create a Github Policy

To create a Github policy:

  1. Log in to Sysdig Secure and select Policies > Runtime Policies.

  2. Click Add Policy and select Github.

Configure a Github Policy

Basic Parameters

Name: Enter a policy name.

Description: Provide a meaningful and searchable description.

Enabled/Disabled: Toggle to enable the policy so that it generates events.

Severity: Choose the appropriate severity level as you would like to see it in the Runtime Policies UI: High, Medium, Low, Info

Policy severity is subjective and is used to group policies within a Sysdig Secure instance. There is no inheritance between the underlying rule priorities and the severity you assign to the policy.

Scope: Define the scope to which the policy will apply, based on the type-dependent options listed.

Link to Runbook: (Optional) Enter the URL of a company procedure that should be followed for events resulting from this policy. For example:

If you enter a value here, then a View Runbook option will be displayed in any corresponding Event.

Policy Rules

Add or edit policy rules as needed. You can choose to Import from Library or to create a New Rule. To learn more about rules, see Manage Threat Detection Rules.


Determine what should be done if a Policy is violated.


Select a notification channel from the drop-down list to send notifications of events to appropriate personnel.

See Set Up Notification Channels for more information.

Search for Existing Policies

To review the existing Workload policies:

  1. Log in to Sysdig Secure and select Policies > Threat Detection | Runtime Policies.

  2. Filter for Managed Policy and Github.

  3. You can edit a managed policy, duplicate it to create a custom policy, or click + Add Policy, and choose Github to configure it from scratch.