Sysdig Secure uses policies to generate events based on data collected from a variety of cloud environments.

Sysdig Secure Policies provide visibility into your system’s behavior, enabling you to understand potential risks and take proactive measures. The policies generate events based on data collected by Sysdig, offering actionable insights that help you maintain a robust and secure infrastructure.

Key Features

Sysdig Secure Policies provide the following benefits:

  • Visibility and understanding - The policies offer visibility into the security and integrity of cloud environments. They help you understand the behavior of your systems and identify potential threats.
  • Actionable information - Sysdig Secure policies generate events based on real-time data, providing actionable information. You can leverage these events to take prompt and informed actions to mitigate risks.
  • Built-in policies - Sysdig Secure provides a range of built-in policies that offer immediate value. These pre-configured policies are designed to address common security and integrity concerns in cloud environments.
  • Customization - You can fine-tune the behavior of built-in policies to align them with your specific requirements. You have the flexibility to change default configurations, enable or disable policies, and create new ones tailored to your environment.


You can use Sysdig Secure to:

  • Evaluate built-in policies and identify areas that need customization.
  • Modify default policy configurations to align with your organizational needs.
  • Enable or disable policies based on their relevance and impact on your environment.
  • Create brand new policies that address specific security concerns unique to your environment.

You can optionally use the following tools to automate policy creation:

Warranty Disclaimer

Customer understands and agrees that it is impossible under any current available technology for any security software to identify one hundred percent (100%) of cloud threats, vulnerabilities, malicious software or attacker’s behavior. Sysdig Secure relies upon threat feeds, behavioral analysis, machine learning, and other techniques, but these may not be enough to discover all attacks. Additionally, Customer understands and agrees that Sysdig Secure may incorrectly identify cloud threats, vulnerabilities, potentially malicious software or attacker’s behavior as a potential threat (“False Positive”). SYSDIG DOES NOT GUARANTEE OR WARRANT THAT IT WILL FIND, LOCATE, OR DISCOVER ALL THREATS OR THAT ALL THREATS IT SURFACES ARE FREE FROM FALSE POSITIVES, AND IN USING SYSDIG SECURE CUSTOMER ASSUMES ALL RISK AND LIABILITY.