Sysdig Secure deploys different types of policies.

In addition to the policy types linked below, there are optional tools to help automate the creation of policies, such as:

Topics in This Section
Threat Detection Policies

Sysdig Secure Runtime Threat Detection is managed by defining policies, which consist of rules to detect and respond to security violations, suspicious behavior, and anomalous activities within your environment. This page provides the conceptual background needed to use runtime threat detection policies in your own environment.

Vulnerability Policies

This page introduces Sysdig vulnerability policies that govern the pipeline, runtime, and host scanning features of Sysdig Secure.

Posture Policies

This page introduces Sysdig posture policies and the requirements and controls that comprise them, providing the conceptual background needed to create, edit, and apply compliance policies in your own environment. Posture Policies allow you to onfigure what is being evaluated by the Compliance feature in the context of compliance standards (CIS, NIST, etc.).

Risk Acceptance

You can accept the risk of detected vulnerabities and posture/compliance violations. This page collates all accepted risks and provides a management panel for each type.

Install Falco Rules On-Premises


Image profiling in Sysdig enhances the data collection capabilities of the agent and is a building block for several other Sysdig features.