Integrate with ServiceNow

Set up an integration to allow Sysdig runtime vulnerabilities to be fetched, triaged, and orchestrated by ServiceNow.

Sysdig CVR Plugin for ServiceNow

This integration is done using the Sysdig Container Vulnerability Response (CVR) plugin for ServiceNow, which is provided free of charge by Sysdig and available in the ServiceNow store.


  • Sysdig SaaS account

  • ServiceNow instance with both VR and CVR modules installed

Install and Configure the Integration

On the ServiceNow Integrations marketplace, find the Sysdig Container Vulnerability Response Integration.

The downloadable Install Guide there describes:

  • Prerequisites

  • Obtaining the integration

  • Permissions and role creation in ServiceNow

  • Configuration use cases and profiles

  • Viewing results in the ServiceNow interface

  • Troubleshooting