Internal Agents Dashboard

This page is displayed only in Sysdig on-premises installations and shows granular Sysdig agent details such as associated host names, agent modes used, Kubernetes metadata status, CPU and memory usage and more.


  • Sysdig Secure on-premises v 6.2.1+

  • The Cloudsec service must be enabled through a flag in the on-prem Installer: = true.

Review Environment

Select Integrations > Data Sources | Internal Agents Dashboard.

You can:

Filter and Sort

Filter by cluster, node, or agent version to find which agents in your environment match the criteria.

See at a Glance

  • Which agent versions you have installed, on

  • Which hostnames

  • Agent modes you defined when you installed

  • MAC addresses

Review Kubernetes Metadata Up to Date

Review Internal Counts

These panels display:

  • Kernels
  • Agent Flush Time
  • Container Count
  • System Calls Processed/Dropped
  • Agent Sampling Ratio

CPU and Memory Usage