Events and Logs

Events and Logs integrations allow Sysdig to ingest logs or events from third-party systems such as Okta and process them. This feature is in Technical Preview.

From the Events and Logs page you can:

  • Add a new integration
  • Review the name and status of an integration
  • Search, filter, and sort by:
    • Keyword
    • Type (currently just Okta)
    • Status (connected/disconnected)
  • Delete an integration

Validate Account Connection

Use the Status column to validate the connection status of your log source:

  1. Select Integrations > Data Sources > Events & Logs and select a row from the list to open a detail panel.

  2. Review the connection status and follow the prompts to resolve any errors or unknowns as needed.

The validation runs every 24 hours.

Status ValueDescription
ConnectedYour account is successfully connected.
ErrorThere is an issue with your integration. See Troubleshooting an Okta Integration
PendingThe account has been recently connected, and a validation will be run within an hour.
UnknownSysdig cannot determine the current status of the account.

In the case of connection errors, if you remediate them the status will be updated on the page when the validation is run again, up to 24 hours later.

Next Steps