This topic describes how to review the account details after you connect a GCP cloud account to Sysdig Secure. You can also link to the install wizard to add additional accounts.

Access the Page

Log in to Sysdig Secure and select Integrations > Data Sources | Cloud Accounts | GCP from the navigation bar. The GCP Cloud Accounts overview appears.

Review GCP Cloud Accounts

The page lists:

  • Project: GCP Project ID, followed by a Project Name if one was assigned
  • Updated On: Date of the last time the configuration/status of the account was changed
  • Org ID: ID of the Organization to which the Project belongs, if applicable
  • Added On: Date the account was added to Sysdig Secure

Add GCP Account

To connect an account, click + Add GCP Account, and then follow the installation pop-up wizard.

See also: Connect Cloud Account | GCP in the Installation documentation.