Cloud Accounts

This topic describes how to review your cloud account details after you connect cloud accounts to Sysdig Secure. It also explains how to add additional accounts.

To connect a cloud account using Sysdig Secure, see Connect Cloud Accounts.

Review Data Sources

Access the Page

Log in to Sysdig Secure and select Integrations > Data Sources | Cloud Accounts from the navigation bar. The Cloud Accounts overview appears.

Review Cloud Accounts

Use the Cloud Accounts overview to:

  • Confirm that the incoming data sources you expected are present.
  • Get an overview of the status.
  • Check whether managed clusters in the accounts were detected and whether an agent was installed with them.

The page lists:

  • Platform: AWS, GCP, Azure

  • Account ID: The AWS Account ID, GCP Project ID, or Azure Subscription ID

  • Alias: As defined when connected

  • Region(#): Each account may be deployed in multiple regions; click on a numbered entry to expand and view all the regions.

  • Date Added: Date the account was added to Sysdig Secure

  • Date Last Seen: Date of last observed activity on the account/region. Field is updated by cloud-connector component based Secure for Cloud heartbeat signal.

  • Clusters Connected (x/y): Displays the number of managed clusters detected in the account/region (y) and the number of clusters with at least one agent installed (x).

    For example:

    • 0/0 = no clusters contain an agent, no clusters detected
    • 1/17 = 1 cluster contains an agent, 17 total clusters detected

Connect Account

To connect a cloud account, click Connect Account and select the appropriate cloud provider (AWS | GCP | Azure), then follow the installation pop-up wizard.

See also: Installation | Sysdig Secure for Cloud.