Data Sources

Use the links in Data Sources to review the status of your Sysdig agents and connected cloud accounts, and to add agents and accounts as needed.

There are additional shortcut links to:

Agent Access Key

Topics in This Section
Managed Kubernetes

The Managed Kubernetes tab displays the list of managed Kubernetes clusters (GKE, AKS, EKS) detected among the full set of connected cloud accounts in your environment.

Sysdig Agents

This page shows all of the Sysdig Agents that have reported into the Sysdig backend.

Cloud Hosts

This section shows all the connected hosts, VPCs, and Resource Groups discovered with agentless vulnerability scanning. To connect an AWS account with this feature in Sysdig Secure, see the AWS Agentless installation.

Internal Agents Dashboard

This page is displayed only in Sysdig on-premises installations and shows granular Sysdig agent details such as associated host names, agent modes used, Kubernetes metadata status, CPU and memory usage and more.

Git Integrations

Sysdig has introduced Git Integrations as part of its Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution. At this time, the integrations can be used to scan incoming Pull Requests (PRs) for security violations based on predefined policies. The results of the scanning evaluation are presented in the PR itself.

Events and Logs

Events and Logs integrations allow Sysdig to ingest logs or events from third-party systems such as Okta and process them. This feature is in Technical Preview.