This topic describes how to review the account details after you connect a GCP cloud account to Sysdig Secure. You can also link to the install wizard to add additional accounts.

Access the Page

Log in to Sysdig Secure and select Integrations > Cloud Accounts | GCP from the navigation bar. The GCP Cloud Accounts overview appears.

Review GCP Cloud Accounts

The page lists:

  • Project: GCP Project ID, followed by a Project Name if one was assigned

  • Status: The connection status of each Sysdig Secure feature you chose to connect.

    Possible values: Unknown, Partial Error, Error, Connected.

    See also: Validate Account Connection

  • Last Checked: Time at which a feature was last validated (updated every 24 hours)

  • Org Domain: ID of the Organization to which the Project belongs, if applicable

  • Added On: Date the account was added to Sysdig Secure

Validate Account Connection

Use the Status column to validate the onboarding status of each feature you chose to connect.

The validation is run every 24 hours.

  1. Select Integrations > Cloud Accounts | GCP and select a row to open a detail panel.
  2. Review the connection status of each feature and follow the prompts to resolve any errors or unknowns as needed.
Status ValueDescription
ConnectedAll selected features were successfully onboarded and connected. Features that were not selected during the onboarding show as Not Enabled.
Partial ErrorAt least one selected service did not successfully connect.
ErrorNo selected features successfully connected.
UnknownSysdig cannot determine the current status of the feature/ account.

NOTE: In the case of connection errors, if you remediate them the status will be updated on the page when the validation is run again, up to 24 hours later.

Add GCP Account

To connect an account, click + Add GCP Account, and then follow the installation pop-up wizard.

See also: Connect Cloud Account | GCP in the Installation documentation.