This topic describes how to review details after you connect a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) projects to Sysdig Secure. You can add additional projects with the install wizard and validate the status of onboarded features.

Access the Page

Log in to Sysdig Secure and select Integrations > Cloud Accounts > GCP from the navigation bar.

The GCP Cloud Accounts overview appears.

Add GCP Account

To connect a project, select + Add GCP Account, and then follow the installation pop-up wizard.

See also: Connect Cloud Account | GCP in the Installation documentation.

Review GCP Cloud Accounts

The page lists:

  • Project: GCP Project ID, followed by a Project Name, if one was assigned.

  • Status: The status of each GCP Project you connected.

  • Last Checked: Time at which a feature was last validated (updated every 24 hours)

  • Org Domain: ID of the Organization to which the Project belongs, if applicable

  • Added On: Date the Project was added to Sysdig Secure

Validate Account Connection

There are two types integration status displayed, Feature level status, and Project level status. Status checks are run approximately every 24 hours, with the first check occurring within an hour of enabling a feature.

In the case of connection errors, if you remediate them the status will be updated on the page when the validation is run again, up to 24 hours later.

Feature Status

When you connect a cloud account to Sysdig Secure, you select the Sysdig features you would like to enable, such as Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM), Cloud Detection and Reponse (CDR) and Vulnerability Host Scanning. Features you’ve enabled will appear in the detail panel that opens when you select a row, where you can also see Feature connection status.

The possible Feature statuses are:

Status ValueDescription
ConnectedThis feature was successfully onboarded and connected.
Not EnabledThis feature was not enabled during onboarding.
ErrorThere is an error in this feature connection.
PendingThis feature has been recently connected, and a validation will be run within an hour.
UnknownSysdig cannot determine the current status of the feature.

Subscription Status

The Project level status is shown in the main table, as well as at the top of the details panel. This status is an aggregate of the Feature statuses present in that Project.

The possible Project statuses are:

Status ValueDescription
ConnectedAll selected features were successfully onboarded and connected.
Partial ErrorThere is an error in at least one enabled feature.
ErrorThere are errors in all enabled features.
PendingThe Project has been recently connected, and a validation will be run within an hour.
UnknownSysdig cannot determine the current status of the Project.

Detect all GCP Instances

Optional: Use a script to detect all the GCP instances of projects across your entire GCP organization. This information can help you to count all the places you may want to install an agent in tandem with the Sysdig Agents overview page.

Run this script to print out the number of instances in the project, and download a CSV file with the information:

echo "id,name,machine_type" > gcloud.csv
for PROJECT in $(gcloud projects list --format="value(projectId)")
  gcloud compute instances list --project $PROJECT --format="csv(
  )" --quiet 2> /dev/null | grep -v "id,name" >> gcloud.csv
echo "Count of instances in all projects: $(cat gcloud.csv | tail -n +2| wc -l)"

The terminal entry displays the count similar to the following:

Count of instances in all projects:       21