Integrations for Sysdig Secure

The Integration menu option in Sysdig Secure provides quick-link access to multiple types of integrations: connectable data sources, outbound services such as event forwarding, and third-party integrations such JIRA or Git.

Data Sources

Use the links in Integrations | Data Sources to review the status of your Sysdig agents and connected cloud accounts, and to add agents and accounts as needed.

Cloud Accounts Review and add cloud accounts from AWS, GCP, and Azure

Managed Kubernetes : Review and add managed Kuberenetes clusters detected in the connected cloud accounts

Sysdig Agents Deploy the Sysdig agent using a range of options

Sysdig Platform Audit Review the activity in the Sysdig platform by user, team, activity type

Internal Agents Dashboard Visible in on-premises installs only, with detailed information about the agents in the environment

Agent Access Key (aka “Agent Installation”) Retrieve the agent access key assigned to this account


The links in the Integrations | Outbound menu to access Sysdig features:

Event Forwarding: Access instructions to forward event details to a range of external tools such as Splunk, Elasticsearch, Syslog, etc.

Capture Storage Link to the page for configuring S3 or custom storage for storing captures and for (optional) rapid response files.

Notification Channels Integrations > Outbound | Notification Channels gives a quick link to configure the notification channels in Sysdig Secure. (Sysdig Monitor notification channels must be configured separately and are accessed from the Monitor UI.)


Git Integrations: Set up an integration between Sysdig and Github, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Azure DevOps to check the compliance of a pull request during development and review and remediate results in the Sysdig Secure UI.

Risk Spotlight Integration (Controlled Availability, contact Sysidg Support for access)

Ticketing Integrations: JIRA Allow users in the Sysdig UI to open JIRA tickets and assign them to team members directly.


  • Forward vulnerability scan results to ServiceNow or Jenkins
  • Review sample CI/CD integrations

Forward Vulnerability Scan Results

ServiceNow (Tech Preview) Push the results of Sysdig vulnerability scans to an existing ServiceNow installation. Install Guide for the Sysdig Container Vulnerability Response plugin.

Jenkins plugin: Push the results of Sysdig pipeline (cli-scanner) scan to an existing Jenkins installation. Install Guide for the Sysdig Secure Jenkins Plugin.

Additional Examples of CI/CD Integrations

Azure Pipelines

AWS Codepipeline


Github Actions


Tekton Pipelines

Topics in This Section
Data Sources

Use the links in Data Sources to review the status of your Sysdig agents and connected cloud accounts, and to add agents and accounts as needed.

Risk Spotlight Integrations (Controlled Availability)

Vulnerability Integrations

Sysdig provides integration software to allow Sysdig vulnerability scan results to be used in third-party solutions like ServiceNow and Jenkins. These integrations are available from third-party marketplaces. The Sysdig blog also contains examples of vulnerability scanning integrations into various CI/CD pipelines, which are linked below.