To Do

The Home page offers a clean, visual representation of the most important issues in your environment and a curated list of the top tasks required. The bottom half encompasses the To Do recommended task list.

With the introduction of the Home page, earlier interfaces, such as Get Started and the Sysdig Secure Overview, are no longer required.

ToDo Task Recommendations guide users to take the most impactful actions to reduce security risks in their environments. It helps to cut through the noise and focus on the most important alerts and findings.

When using the Task Recommendations panel, you can always:

  • Expand or Shrink the panel to focus on the top or bottom of the page

  • Sort your recommendations:

    • By Highest Priority: Sysdig’s prioritized list sorts recommendations by the actions that will have the largest impact on reducing security risk in your environments. Recommendations are sorted within a specific product area (i.e. Compliance, Identity, Setup).
    • By Last Updated: This sorts recommendations by what has been updated most recently. It may be either a new recommendation or an existing recommendation with new findings or failing resources.
    • Within a Recommendation: Any list of findings or failing resources within a recommendation will be automatically sorted by highest risk.
  • Scroll the Top 3 tasks in each category, or click See All to see all the recommended tasks in that category

  • Check details by clicking a task to open the details panel on the right

  • Dismiss a task (for 1 day/week/month/3 months).

    NOTE: This applies only to the current user profile; it does not remove the task from other user’s lists

  • Take action from the detail panel, depending on the task type


ToDo will recommend certain Setup Tasks which vary based on what phase of onboarding a user is. These tasks include Connecting a Data Source, Setting Up Integrations, and Educational Product Tours.


Compliance recommendations show the top actions you can take to affect the greatest improvement in compliance scores and exposure. Selecting the Remediate button opens an Actionable Compliance drawer detailing the failing resources and respective remediation actions.

Identity and Access

Identity recommendations focus on highlighting IAM risks based on both overly permissive Policies and risky attributes Sysdig identifies for Users and Roles.

Wherever possible, the steps to be taken are summarized directly in the panel.

Open JIRA Tickets from Identity Recommendations

If the Sysdig Secure administrator has enabled an integration with a JIRA ticketing system, then Identity recommendations include the option to assign the policy updates to another team member via a JIRA ticket.

  • Project: Drop-down displays all the projects to which the user who created the API token has access. You must choose a project in order to see available assignees.
  • Issue Type: The integration currently supports Task, Story, and Bug
  • Description: Auto-filled. Content can also be added freely
  • Assignee: Drop-down list of all possible assignees from JIRA for the selected project. If left blank, it will default to the lead for the project on JIRA. Type to quick-search the assignee list.
  • Attachments: Least Permissive policy suggestions will attach a CSV summary and a JSON with the suggested policy. Other types will attach a CSV Summary.

Creation/Deletion Notes:

  • If you delete a Jira integration, it won’t affect the tickets you opened already.
  • Creation and deletion of a JIRA Integration will be noted in the Sysdig platform audit.