Sysdig Secure

Sysdig Secure is part of Sysdig’s container intelligence platform. Sysdig provides a unified platform to deliver security, monitoring, and forensics in a cloud, container and microservices-friendly architecture integrated with Docker and Kubernetes. Sysdig Secure takes a services-aware approach to protect workloads while bringing deep cloud and container visibility, posture management (compliance, benchmarks, CIEM), vulnerability scanning, forensics, threat detection and blocking.
Based on your environment, deploy the Sysdig Agent and Secure components.
Connect Sysdig Secure to your AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud accounts to secure builds, detect and respond to runtime threats, and manage cloud configurations, permissions, and compliance.
Forward events and vulnerability findings, set up notification channels, and integrate with ticketing systems like JIRA.
Assess and remediate prioritized compliance violations, document exceptions, accept risks, and generate compliance reports.
Use Sysdig’s IAC Security to scan pull requests in pipeline repositories on GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or Azure DevOps.
Discover and remediate new vulnerabilities in running container images, your CI/CD pipeline, and more.