Note: Sysdig follows the Prometheus-compabtible naming convention for both metrics and labels as opposed to the previous statsd-compatible, legacy Sysdig naming convention. However, this page still shows metrics in the legacy Sysdig naming convention. Until this page is updated, see Metrics and Label Mapping for the mapping between Sysdig legacy and Prometheus naming conventions.


dragent is the main process in the agent that collects and collates data from multiple sources, including syscall events from the kernel in order to generate metrics. The analyzer module that runs in the dragent process does much of the work involved in generating metrics. These internal metrics are used to troubleshoot the health of the analyzer component.

Sysdig Monitor provides the following analyzer metrics:

MetricsTypeMinimum Agent VersionDescription
dragent.analyzer.processesgauge0.80.0 or aboveThe number of processes found by the analyzer.
dragent.analyzer.threadsThe number of threads found by the analyzer.
dragent.analyzer.threads.droppedcounterThe number of threads not reported due to thread limits.
dragent.analyzer.containersgaugeThe number of containers found by the analyzer.
dragent.analyzer.javaprocsThe number of java processes found by the analyzer.
dragent.analyzer.appchecksThe number of application checks reporting to the analyzer.
dragent.analyzer.mesos.autodetectIf the agent is configured to autodetect a Mesos environment, value is 1, otherwise is 0.
dragent.analyzer.mesos.detectedIf the agent actually found a Mesos environment, value is 1, otherwise, value is 0
dragent.analyzer.fp.pct100The analyzer flush CPU % (0-100)
dragent.analyzer.fl.msThe analyzer flush duration (milliseconds)
dragent.analyzer.srThe current sampling ratio (1=all events, 2= half of events analyzed, 4=one fourth of events analyzed, and so on.
dragent.analyzer.n_evtsThe number of events processed
dragent.analyzer.n_dropsThe number of events dropped
dragent.analyzer.n_drops_bufferThe number of events dropped due to the buffer being full.
dragent.analyzer.n_preemptionsThe number of driver preemptions.
dragent.analyzer.n_command_linesThe number of command lines collected and sent to the collector.
dragent.analyzer.n_container_healthcheck_command_lines0.80.1 or aboveThe number of command lines identified as container health checks. This metric does not change even if healthcheck command lines are not sent to the collector.