AWS MetricsStream SQS

AWS MetricsStream SQS

This integration is disabled by default. Please contact Sysdig Support to enable it in your account.

List of Alerts:

[AWS SQS] High Number Of Messages In QueueHigh Number Of Messages In QueuePrometheus
[AWS SQS] High Latency In QueueHigh Latency In QueuePrometheus
[AWS SQS] Recurring Empty ReceivesRecurring Empty ReceivesPrometheus
[AWS SQS] Message Received In QueueMessage Received In Queue. Useful for example in ‘Dead-Letter’ queues.Prometheus

List of Dashboards:


List of Metrics:

  • aws_sqs_approximate_age_of_oldest_message
  • aws_sqs_approximate_number_of_messages_delayed
  • aws_sqs_approximate_number_of_messages_not_visible
  • aws_sqs_approximate_number_of_messages_visible
  • aws_sqs_number_of_empty_receives
  • aws_sqs_number_of_messages_deleted
  • aws_sqs_number_of_messages_received
  • aws_sqs_number_of_messages_sent
  • aws_sqs_sent_message_size

Last modified August 9, 2022