AWS MetricsStream RDS

AWS MetricsStream RDS

This integration is disabled by default. Please contact Sysdig Support to enable it in your account.

List of Alerts:

[AWS RDS] Long CPU ThrottlingLong CPU Throttling.Prometheus
[AWS RDS] Low Free MemoryLow Free Memory.Prometheus
[AWS RDS] Low Free DiskLow Free Disk.Prometheus
[AWS RDS] Disk Full In 48H[AWS RDS] Disk Full In 48H.Prometheus
[AWS RDS] Disk Full In 12H[AWS RDS] Disk Full In 12H.Prometheus
[AWS RDS] High Read Latency[AWS RDS] High Read Latency.Prometheus
[AWS RDS] High Write Latency[AWS RDS] High Write Latency.Prometheus
[AWS RDS] High Disk Queue[AWS RDS] High Disk Queue. Alert only available for PostgreSQL instances.Prometheus

List of Dashboards:


List of Metrics:

  • aws_rds_cpu_utilization
  • aws_rds_database_connections
  • aws_rds_disk_queue_depth
  • aws_rds_free_local_storage
  • aws_rds_freeable_memory
  • aws_rds_network_receive_throughput
  • aws_rds_network_transmit_throughput
  • aws_rds_read_iops
  • aws_rds_read_latency
  • aws_rds_read_throughput
  • aws_rds_swap_usage
  • aws_rds_write_iops
  • aws_rds_write_latency
  • aws_rds_write_throughput

Last modified August 9, 2022