Cloud Integrations

Cloud integrations for Sysdig Monitor extend its monitoring capabilities to AWS CloudWatch Metric Streams. This capability is in addition to the existing support to collect AWS CloudWatch metrics by using CloudWatch APIs.

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service that collects monitoring and operational data in the form of logs, metrics, and events. AWS Metric Streams allows AWS users to export metrics from key AWS services faster by eliminating the need for custom integrations for each AWS resources. The AWS users can send these streams of metric data to different endpoints, such as Sysdig, through an Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose HTTPS endpoint.

Sysdig Monitor collects CloudWatch metrics from various AWS services and custom namespaces to provide comprehensive visibility of your AWS resources, applications, and services running on AWS. Sysdig provides a CloudFormation template to ease configuring an AWS account for metric streaming to Sysdig.

Comparing AWS Metric Streams and CloudWatch APIs

Metric StreamsCloudWatch APIs
Monitors all the AWS services and custom namespaces, and collects all the CloudWatch metrics. The only exception is the metrics that are made available to CloudWatch with more than two hours delay which cannot be sent through CloudWatch Metric Stream.Monitors only a limited number of AWS services (ELB, ALB, RedshiftCluster, EBS, DynamoDB, EC2, ElastiCache, EMR, RDS, SQS) and collects only a limited number of metrics.
Metrics are streamed to Sysdig with 2-3 minutes latency. The low-latency metrics are streamed automatically when new AWS resources are created.CloudWatch APIs provide updates of the CloudWatch metrics every five minutes, which introduces significant latency for the alerting and dashboard creation.
No limits to the monitored AWS services and number of metrics collected.The number of monitored AWS services is limited based on the license.