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    This integration is enabled by default.

    List of Alerts:

    [Opa gatekeeper] Too much time since the last auditThere was more than 120 second since the last auditPrometheus
    [Opa gatekeeper] Spike of violationsThere was more than 30 violationsPrometheus

    List of Dashboards:

    • OPA Gatekeeper

    List of Metrics:

    • gatekeeper_audit_duration_seconds_bucket
    • gatekeeper_audit_last_run_time
    • gatekeeper_constraint_template_ingestion_count
    • gatekeeper_constraint_template_ingestion_duration_seconds_bucket
    • gatekeeper_constraint_templates
    • gatekeeper_constraints
    • gatekeeper_request_count
    • gatekeeper_request_duration_seconds_bucket
    • gatekeeper_request_duration_seconds_count
    • gatekeeper_violations