This integration is enabled by default.

List of Alerts:

[Memcached] Instance DownInstance is not reachablePrometheus
[Memcached] Low UpTimeUptime of less than 1 hour in a Memcached instancePrometheus
[Memcached] Connection ThrottledConnection throttled because max number of requests per event process reachedPrometheus
[Memcached] Connections Close To The Limit 85%The mumber of connections are close to the limitPrometheus
[Memcached] Connections Limit ReachedReached the number of maximum connections and caused a connection errorPrometheus

List of Dashboards:

  • Memcached Memcached

List of Metrics:

  • memcached_commands_total
  • memcached_connections_listener_disabled_total
  • memcached_connections_yielded_total
  • memcached_current_bytes
  • memcached_current_connections
  • memcached_current_items
  • memcached_items_evicted_total
  • memcached_items_reclaimed_total
  • memcached_items_total
  • memcached_limit_bytes
  • memcached_max_connections
  • memcached_up
  • memcached_uptime_seconds

Last modified September 23, 2022