Kubernetes PVC

Kubernetes PVC

Kubernetes PVC

This integration is disabled by default. Please contact Sysdig Support to enable it in your account.

List of Alerts:

[k8s-pvc] PV Not AvailablePersistent Volume not availablePrometheus
[k8s-pvc] PVC Pending For a Long TimePersistent Volume Claim not availablePrometheus
[k8s-pvc] PVC LostPersistent Volume Claim lostPrometheus
[k8s-pvc] PVC Storage Usage Is Reaching The LimitPersistent Volume Claim storage at 95%Prometheus
[k8s-pvc] PVC Inodes Usage Is Reaching The LimitPVC inodes Usage Is Reaching The LimitPrometheus
[k8s-pvc] PV Full In Four DaysPersistent Volume Full In Four DaysPrometheus

List of Dashboards:

  • PVC and Storage PVC and Storage

List of Metrics:

  • kube_persistentvolume_status_phase
  • kube_persistentvolumeclaim_status_phase
  • kubelet_volume_stats_available_bytes
  • kubelet_volume_stats_capacity_bytes
  • kubelet_volume_stats_inodes
  • kubelet_volume_stats_inodes_used
  • kubelet_volume_stats_used_bytes
  • storage_operation_duration_seconds_bucket
  • storage_operation_errors_total
  • storage_operation_status_count