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    This integration is enabled by default.

    List of Alerts:

    [Istio-Citadel] CSR without successSome of the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) were not correctly requestedPrometheus
    [Istio-Pilot] Inbound listener rules conflictsThere are some conflict with inbound listener rulesPrometheus
    [Istio-Pilot] Endpoint found in unready stateEndpoint found in unready statePrometheus
    [Istio] Unstable requests for sidecar injectionsSidecar injections requests are failingPrometheus

    List of Dashboards:

    • Istio v1.14 Control Plane Istio v1.14 Control Plane

    List of Metrics:

    • citadel_server_csr_count
    • citadel_server_success_cert_issuance_count
    • galley_validation_failed
    • galley_validation_passed
    • pilot_conflict_inbound_listener
    • pilot_conflict_outbound_listener_http_over_current_tcp
    • pilot_conflict_outbound_listener_tcp_over_current_http
    • pilot_conflict_outbound_listener_tcp_over_current_tcp
    • pilot_endpoint_not_ready
    • pilot_services
    • pilot_total_xds_internal_errors
    • pilot_total_xds_rejects
    • pilot_virt_services
    • pilot_xds
    • pilot_xds_cds_reject
    • pilot_xds_config_size_bytes_bucket
    • pilot_xds_eds_reject
    • pilot_xds_lds_reject
    • pilot_xds_push_context_errors
    • pilot_xds_push_time_bucket
    • pilot_xds_pushes
    • pilot_xds_rds_reject
    • pilot_xds_send_time_bucket
    • pilot_xds_write_timeout
    • sidecar_injection_failure_total
    • sidecar_injection_requests_total
    • sidecar_injection_success_total