HAProxy Ingress OpenShift

HAProxy Ingress OpenShift

This integration is disabled by default. Please contact Sysdig Support to enable it in your account.

List of Alerts:

[OpenShift-HAProxy-Router] Router DownRouter HAProxy down. No instances running.Prometheus
[OpenShift-HAProxy-Router] Percentage of routers lowLess than 75% Routers are upPrometheus
[OpenShift-HAProxy-Router] Route DownThis alert detects if all servers are down in a routePrometheus
[OpenShift-HAProxy-Router] High LatencyThis alert detects high latency in at least one server of the routePrometheus
[OpenShift-HAProxy-Router] Pod Health Check FailureThis alert triggers when there is a recurrent pod health check failure.Prometheus
[OpenShift-HAProxy-Router] Queue not empty in routeThis alert triggers when a queue is not empty in a routePrometheus
[OpenShift-HAProxy-Router] High error rate in routeThis alert triggers when the error rate in a route is higher than 15%.Prometheus
[OpenShift-HAProxy-Router] Connection errors in routeThis alert triggers when there are recurring connection errors in a routePrometheus

List of Dashboards:

  • OpenShift HAProxy Ingress Overview
  • OpenShift HAProxy Ingress Service Details

List of Metrics:

  • haproxy_backend_http_average_connect_latency_milliseconds
  • haproxy_backend_http_average_queue_latency_milliseconds
  • haproxy_backend_http_average_response_latency_milliseconds
  • haproxy_backend_up
  • haproxy_frontend_bytes_in_total
  • haproxy_frontend_bytes_out_total
  • haproxy_frontend_connections_total
  • haproxy_frontend_current_session_rate
  • haproxy_frontend_http_responses_total
  • haproxy_process_cpu_seconds_total
  • haproxy_process_max_fds
  • haproxy_process_resident_memory_bytes
  • haproxy_process_start_time_seconds
  • haproxy_process_virtual_memory_bytes
  • haproxy_server_bytes_in_total
  • haproxy_server_bytes_out_total
  • haproxy_server_check_failures_total
  • haproxy_server_connection_errors_total
  • haproxy_server_connections_total
  • haproxy_server_current_queue
  • haproxy_server_current_sessions
  • haproxy_server_downtime_seconds_total
  • haproxy_server_http_average_response_latency_milliseconds
  • haproxy_server_http_responses_total
  • haproxy_server_up
  • kube_workload_status_desired

Last modified August 9, 2022