Metrics, Dashboards, and Alerts for Fluentd Integration in Sysdig Monitor.

This integration is enabled by default.

List of Alerts:

[Fluentd] No Input From ContainerNo Input From Container.Prometheus
[Fluentd] High Error RatioHigh Error Ratio.Prometheus
[Fluentd] High Retry RatioHigh Retry Ratio.Prometheus
[Fluentd] High Retry WaitHigh Retry Wait.Prometheus
[Fluentd] Low Buffer Available SpaceLow Buffer Available Space.Prometheus
[Fluentd] Buffer Queue Length IncreasingBuffer Queue Length Increasing.Prometheus
[Fluentd] Buffer Total Bytes IncreasingBuffer Total Bytes Increasing.Prometheus
[Fluentd] High Slow Flush RatioHigh Slow Flush Ratio.Prometheus
[Fluentd] No Output Records From PluginNo Output Records From Plugin.Prometheus

List of Dashboards:

  • Fluentd Fluentd

List of Metrics:

  • fluentd_input_status_num_records_total
  • fluentd_output_status_buffer_available_space_ratio
  • fluentd_output_status_buffer_queue_length
  • fluentd_output_status_buffer_total_bytes
  • fluentd_output_status_emit_count
  • fluentd_output_status_emit_records
  • fluentd_output_status_flush_time_count
  • fluentd_output_status_num_errors
  • fluentd_output_status_retry_count
  • fluentd_output_status_retry_wait
  • fluentd_output_status_rollback_count
  • fluentd_output_status_slow_flush_count