Metrics are quantitative values or measures that can be grouped/divided by labels.

Sysdig Monitor metrics are divided into two groups: default metrics (out-of-the-box metrics associated with the system, orchestrator, and network infrastructure), and custom metrics (JMX, StatsD, and multiple other integrated application metrics).

Sysdig automatically collects all types of metrics, and auto-labels them. Custom metrics can also have custom (user-defined) labels.

Out-of-the box, when an agent is deployed on a host, Sysdig Monitor automatically begins collecting and reporting on a wide array of metrics. The sections below describe how those metrics are conceptualized within the system.

Topics in This Section
Grouping, Scoping, and Segmenting Metrics

Understanding Default, Custom, and Missing Metrics

Metric Limits

Sysdig Info Metrics

Manage Metric Scale

Data Aggregation

Sysdig Monitor allows you to adjust the aggregation settings when graphing or creating alerts for a metric, informing how Sysdig rolls up the available data samples in order to create the chart or evaluate the alert. This topic helps you familiarize with aggregation concepts and settings and explains some mechanic Sysdig uses to allow for efficient query performance and data retention.

Deprecated Metrics and Labels

Troubleshooting Metrics

Heuristic and Deprecated Metrics

Metrics Library