Working with Integrations

Learn how to configure and use different type of integrations in Sysdig Monitor.
Topics in This Section
Monitoring Integrations

Monitoring Integration provides an at-a-glance summary of workloads running in your infrastructure and a deeper insight into the health and performance of your services across platforms and the cloud.

Sysdig Agents

Cloud Accounts

Cloud integrations for Sysdig Monitor extend its monitoring capabilities to GCP, Azure Cloud metrics, and AWS CloudWatch Metric Streams.

Custom Integrations

This section helps you configure custom integrations in Sysdig Monitor.

Troubleshoot Monitoring Integrations

Review the common troubleshooting scenarios you might encounter while getting a Monitor integration working and see what you can do if an integration does not report metics after installation.

Configure Sysdig with Grafana

(Legacy) Integrations for Sysdig Monitor

Integrate metrics with Sysdig Monitor from a number of platforms, orchestrators, and a wide range of applications. Sysdig collects metrics from Prometheus, JMX, StatsD, Kubernetes, and many application stacks to provide a 360-degree view of your infrastructure. Many metrics are collected by default out of the box; you can also extend the integration or create custom metrics.