Guidelines for Monitoring Integrations

If you are directed to this page from the Sysdig Monitor app, your agent deployment might include a configuration that causes either of the following:

  • Prohibits the use of Monitoring Integrations
  • Affect the current metrics you are already collecting

Ensure that you meet the prerequisites to successfully use Monitoring Integrations. For technical assistance, contact Sysdig Support.


  • Upgrade Sysdig agent to v12.0.0

  • If you have clusters with more than 50 nodes and you don’t have the prom_service_discovery option enabled:

    • Enabling the latest Prometheus features might create an additional connection to the Kubernetes API server from each Sysdig agent in your environment. The surge in agent connections can increase the CPU and memory load in your API servers. Therefore, ensure that your API servers are suitably sized to handle the increased load in large clusters.
    • If you encounter any problems contact Sysdig Support.
  • Remove the following manual configurations in the dragent.yaml file because they might interfere with those provided by Sysdig:

    • use_promscrape
    • promscrape_fastproto
    • prom_service_discovery
    • prometheus.max_metrics
    • prometheus.ingest_raw
    • prometheus.ingest_calculated
  • The sysdig_sd_configs configuration is no longer supported. Remove the existing prometheus.yaml if it includes the sysdig_sd_configs configuration.

If you are not currently using Prometheus metrics in Sysdig Monitor, you can skip the following steps:

  • If you are using a custom Prometheus process_filter in dragent.yaml to trigger scraping, see Migrating from Promscrape V1 to V2.

  • If you are using service annotations or container labels to find scrape targets, you may need to create new scrape_configs in prometheus.yaml , preferably based on Kubernetes pods service discovery. This configuration can be complicated in certain environments and therefore we recommend that you contact Sysdig support for help.

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