Custom Integrations

This section helps you configure custom integrations in Sysdig Monitor.
  • Prometheus Metrics

    Describes how Sysdig agent enables automatically collecting metrics from services that expose native Prometheus metrics as well as from applications with Prometheus exporters, how to set up your environment, and scrape Prometheus metrics seamlessly.

  • Monitoring Integrations

    Describes how to configure Monitoring Integration in your infrastructure and receive deeper insight into the health and performance of your services across platforms and the cloud.

  • Java Management Extensions (JMX) Metrics

    Describes how to configure your Java virtual machines so Sysdig Agent can collect JMX metrics using the JMX protocol.

  • StatsD Metrics

    Describes how the Sysdig agent collects custom StatsD metrics with an embedded StatsD server.

  • Node.JS Metrics

    Illustrates how Sysdig is able to monitor node.js applications by linking a library to the node.js codebase.